Saturday, February 14, 2009


hurmm...i'm looking for the house's ok but i don't know y something is wrong with it..mayb after i spoke to my mum i have 2 consider it again..hope everything will be ok..nurul's dream makes me scared despites i'm trying 2 look "cool"...
since i don't take part in the Palestin's demonstration(is it a demonstration?),mct told me a rough description about Palestin's history.I realized that how lucky i am as a Muslim in Malaysia. I still remember a sad story about a mother who sacrificed all her son in the battle defeating Israel. She asked her son to become a "syahid" and he can't returned until he death in that battle.i can't imagine if i dwell in the mother's situation. i don't think i can be as strong as her.
Ldv(e) class opened my eyes again n again. i keep thinking how weak i'm.ya allah, please makes everything becomes smooth and easy for me.nothing impossible if we keep work hard 4 it!i want to go to aussie.............i'll!

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